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  • Rainbow Web
    Rainbow Web

    This is a match-three game, which means that you need to switch places of adjacent balls to try and form groups of 3 or more adjacent identical pieces lying on the same line. In this case your playing board is a spider web and instead of having common columns and raws you have circles and radius lines. Some of the balls have letters on them. To pass a level you need to eliminate all balls with letters including them in the same color groups..A game related with kizi-784
  • Dora Washing Clothes
    Dora Washing Clothes

    Dora had a busy week and she has a lot of chores for today. She managed to do most of them by herself but now she is really tired. Let us help Dora wash her dirty clothes so she can finish quicker and have some time to relax. Separate the clothes and put them in the washing machine with the right detergent. When they are washed just hang them to dry. Have fun!.A game related with kizi-784
  • absolute.Madness

    Prepare yourself for a nice round of uncomplicated annihilation. Wave after wave of assassins are send your way, so itÃÆ\’ƒÂ¢ÃÆ\’¢â€šÂ¬ÃÆ\’¢â€žÂ¢s time to draw your favorite weapon en start firing away. DonÃÆ\’ƒÂ¢ÃÆ\’¢â€šÂ¬ÃÆ\’¢â€žÂ¢t care about your ammunition or any other pleasure reducing factors, itÃÆ\’ƒÂ¢ÃÆ\’¢â€šÂ¬ÃÆ\’¢â€žÂ¢s all about total destruction in this game..A game related with kizi-784
  • Sonic Stars Race 2
    Sonic Stars Race 2

    Sonic and friends are back! Race in classic Sonic surroundings and try to win all the races. You can freeze your opponents with special laser ray. Try to collect as much stars as possible, because if you collect enough of them, you get special upgrades: acceleration or shield. You can choose your character between Sonic the Hedge, Rouge the Bat, Knuckles the Echidna and Egg Man. Have fun!.A game related with kizi-784
  • Goo's Revenge
    Goo's Revenge

    Using your archery and aiming skills, try to yield down all adding goos, afore they beat the laboratory, beat and abound the absolute world..A game related with kizi-784
  • Bratz Babyz: Mall Crawl
    Bratz Babyz: Mall Crawl

    The goal is to find all your friends and the puppy before you can exit! Collect baby bottles for additional points. Running into Duane the bully will cause you to lose one of your friends or a bottle! Don't let him catch you. Keep an eye out for good toys (blue). They'll keep you and you'll earn more points and protect you from Duane and broken toys (red)..A game related with kizi-784
  • Jumping Bob
    Jumping Bob

    A awful bird has kidnapped your adherent Lucy. It is your assignment to accomplishment her. Move in a 2D belvedere apple and about-face off the about-face to stop the chainsaw afore she is killed. Touching any adversary or falling from too top after-effects in afterlife and accident of one life. When all lives are gone you can abide the bold but the account resets. You accept to aggregate all the 11 keys to accretion admission to final akin and face the awful bird. The bold appearance Mochi scoreboard system..A game related with kizi-784
  • Alien Punchout
    Alien Punchout

    Two alien fighters are about to measure their strengths and weaknesses by dueling themselves on the craziest and funkiest 2 player fight ever existed! However, these alien fighters are interested for having quite simple, but fairly challenging fights where both players are able to move around, block attacks whenever needed and willing to deliver one or two fist punch to knock down the opponent and claim a glorious victory. Improve your skills by defeating the never tired CPU opponent, or go ahead and challenge your friends to a 2 players Punchout tournament where the new alien fighting champ can up raised!.A game related with kizi-784
  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter

    When the night comes the dark forces take the streets. Look for the boss and kill him. Move with the arrow keys..A game related with kizi-784
  • Spring Beauty Spa
    Spring Beauty Spa

    Addison wants to get ready for spring but she doesn't know what to do. Apply some skincare products to her face to get rid of all the bad effects of winter. Then take her to the spa and make sure she gets into the spring spirit! When you are done at the spa, do her nails and add some jewelry! Her transformation would not be complete without make up. Do her make up and dress her up and she is ready to welcome spring!.A game related with kizi-784
  • Fruit Twirls
    Fruit Twirls

    Group three or more the same fruits to eliminate them before they all fall down..A game related with kizi-784
  • FairyNook

    Create matches to advice Mathin the Rabbit cross a bogie account apple and acquisition his way to his friends. Power up spells and again absolve them on the bold lath with a tap of your baton to advice Mathin accomplished catchy areas..A game related with kizi-784
  • Airfox

    You will encounter friendly supply ships that are impervious to your weapons. Take advantage of the weapons and extra ships provided but remember Bane is everywhere so you must destroy everything..A game related with kizi-784
  • Dark Dimension
    Dark Dimension

    An activity and accomplishment based spaceship game. Avoid enemies as your address auto fires at them..A game related with kizi-784
  • Doraemon Mystery
    Doraemon Mystery

    Something happened to Doraemon.. and Nobita was locked in my his room.. this time help Doraemon back! Find his friends and fix Doraemon!.A game related with kizi-784
  • Aquanaut

    Explore the deep avoiding the wildlife finding sunken treasure..A game related with kizi-784
  • Mad Migration
    Mad Migration

    Mix of Tower Defense, Shooter and Action genres. Animals are infected by an unknown virus. They are escaping from the forest. The goal of the game is to stop the animals from breaking a fence. The game has 20 levels. Animals are becoming stronger with each level. Player defends himself from animals by shooting them from the towers Player can increase number of his towers during the game from 1 to 5. He can also upgrade towers and the barrier. Each round is limited by the time. It\\\’s required to withstand the time and to not let animals to break the defense..A game related with kizi-784
  • Crazy Scrat
    Crazy Scrat

    Guide the Gift to scrat in each level by creating a path with your mouse. Be smart though, the path won\’t stick around for long!.A game related with kizi-784
  • Vampire Style Couple
    Vampire Style Couple

    Vampire Style Couple: Vampire always have very stylish fashion designs. This cool couple is very trendy in fashion. Please make them a fashionable new look for the night out..A game related with kizi-784
  • Crate Crash 2
    Crate Crash 2

    Grandpa asked Calabash brothers to go to the forest to collect apples.But Calabash brothers lost their way and need set their wits to work then can come back home.A game related with kizi-784
  • Wishful Leap of the Ninja
    Wishful Leap of the Ninja

    You're a leaf jumping ninja. Jump on the leaves and get as high as possible..A game related with kizi-784
  • Pub Darts
    Pub Darts

    Brush up on your virtual tossing skills - without the rank stench of day-old beer and day-old drunkards to distract you!.A game related with kizi-784
  • Defend Your Nuts 2
    Defend Your Nuts 2

    You want my nuts? Just try and get them! Mr. Squirrel is no stranger to nut danger, and he is ready to pop any creeps who make a move for his nuts. Fierce mice join your battle as you upgrade your weapons and nut defenses. Unfortunately, the creeps get faster and badder, too. Lock and Load, Little Nutjobs!.A game related with kizi-784
  • Strong Iglo
    Strong Iglo

    Strong Iglo fabricated for anybody who aggravating to accepting fun in this game, and on the Strong Iglo you aswell get apprenticeship for your brain.A game related with kizi-784

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