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  • Cute Penelope Cruz Dress Up
    Cute Penelope Cruz Dress Up

    Our newly Oscar winner needs to be stylesd for her party..A game related with kizi-784
  • Princess Belle Royal Ball Dress Up
    Princess Belle Royal Ball Dress Up

    Help Princess Belle dress up as she attends the ballroom dance tonight with the prince. Give her a hand and try your best to make her as much beautiful as you can..A game related with kizi-784
  • Insurgio

    Withstand a rhythm-based enemy battalion! Fight for liberation as you jump and run on a dreamy cityscape !.A game related with kizi-784
  • Mr. Danger
    Mr. Danger

    Your goal is to reach to the other side. Use the platform as guide before you jump. Click and drag to draw a limited yellow line which serves as pathway Mr. Danger will slide on. Don't make it too steep, he will fall through! Get points by collecting diamonds but avoid obstacles as well as falling short. Mr. Gray can walk on the gray platforms but don't let him touch any mine!.A game related with kizi-784
  • Chicken Wrap
    Chicken Wrap

    .A game related with kizi-784
  • Pilar's Adventure - Thunder and Lightning
    Pilar's Adventure - Thunder and Lightning

    Choose your animal character and let's play game of Bowling..A game related with kizi-784
  • Chef Octopus Restaurant
    Chef Octopus Restaurant

    An octopus started a small restaurant in a city. Lots of customers started coming to the restaurant. Now you have to help the octopus to serve the customers. Give the customers their desired food, do not make them wait for long time, waiting time will be indicated, serve them before that or they will leave the restaurant. The number of food items will increase in the subsequent levels, and limit will also increase. Good Luck!.A game related with kizi-784
  • Anna Kournikova Dress
    Anna Kournikova Dress

    Do you wanna be the stylist of this famous tennis player?.A game related with kizi-784
  • Indian Juice Shop
    Indian Juice Shop

    Prepare the juice items and serve the juice to the customers and go to the next level..A game related with kizi-784
  • Bursting Balls
    Bursting Balls

    Try to shoot the balls with similar color that are approaching linearly on the track towards the hole. Your aim is to avoid the balls reaching the hole by matching 3 consecutive balls or more of the same color, and making them disappear to reduce the ball counts. You have got 2 power shots. One is for pausing the movement of balls for a short time and another shot can be used for reversing back. You need to be successful in all the 10 levels to win this game..A game related with kizi-784
  • Caverns of Doom: Last Mission
    Caverns of Doom: Last Mission

    Steer your plane and rescue all men waiting for your help to open the extraction pad. Be careful not to bump with obstacles..A game related with kizi-784
  • Yacht Solitaire
    Yacht Solitaire

    Addictive solitaire free game in new interpretation. The yacht club welcomes all fans of the most popular card game solitaire. The best pastime when you are having rest at the great snow-white yacht near swimming pool is an absorbing game patience. The game task is like in classic solitaire to clear the playing board by building the foundations in ascending suit sequence to the King. Quality, bright and nice-looking graphic arts, relaxing music, smooth and additive gameplay are the main advantages of this awesome original game!.A game related with kizi-784
  • Halloween Shooter
    Halloween Shooter

    Shoot your admired Halloween characters now with gravity! Throw ragdoll vampires, witches and mummy\\’s to their final comatose place. RIP. Avoid bouncing pumpkins, funny crank sheep, Frankenstein, and added as you break catchy puzzles!.A game related with kizi-784
  • Phantom Bowls
    Phantom Bowls

    A game of bowling ghost..A game related with kizi-784
  • Tasha's Game
    Tasha's Game

    Dude, your friends are caught--you and your magical cat need to help them escape..A game related with kizi-784
  • House Arrest Escape
    House Arrest Escape

    The 41st escape game from Subjected to house arrest, you are detained by the authorities. You will have to escape from this house by using your skills..A game related with kizi-784
  • Jet Velocity 3D
    Jet Velocity 3D

    Race around the Wipeout-like track against AI hover cars. Hit speed boosts to ensure you stay in 1st.A game related with kizi-784
  • Get the Glass
    Get the Glass

    Your mission is to help the milk-deprived Adachi Family navigate and survive all five regions of the board, break into Fort Fridge and get the glass. The glass offers The Adachis the promise of an unlimited supply of milk to help with their various health ailments..A game related with kizi-784
  • Congestion Chaos
    Congestion Chaos

    Drive your van into the flashing circles to complete deliveries and increase your score. Avoid cameras and other cards to keep your attentionometer down. Too much attention and your van will be impounded and crushed..A game related with kizi-784
  • Casual Chess
    Casual Chess

    Play a match of Chess against a friend on the same computer..A game related with kizi-784
  • Magnet ninja
    Magnet ninja

    Two guys woke up in a aphotic basement. They begin themselves are diffrent from what they were before. They accept magnetism, which is about imperfect. For abiding to normal, They absitively to acquisition the being who fabricated abstracts on them . We are to advice them acquisition the person..A game related with kizi-784
  • Racing Queen
    Racing Queen

    Grandpa asked Calabash brothers to go to the forest to collect apples.But Calabash brothers lost their way and need set their wits to work then can come back home.A game related with kizi-784
  • Indian Beauty
    Indian Beauty

    Grandpa asked Calabash brothers to go to the forest to collect apples.But Calabash brothers lost their way and need set their wits to work then can come back home.A game related with kizi-784
  • Barbie And Ellie Party Night Prep
    Barbie And Ellie Party Night Prep

    The most beautiful best friends in the world, Barbie and Ellie have finally managed to organize a party night for their friends. They have been thinking about doing this for quite a long time now, and tonight will be the big night in which all they will have to do is have a great time together with the special persons in their lives. They want everything to be perfect, so they have been planning this party in detail for the past few days. Because of this, they didn't really have time for pampering themselves. What you will have to do in our brand new PoshDressup facial beauty game called Barbie And Ellie Party Night Prep is help these two beautiful young ladies prepare for the party through a fantastic makeover. You will begin this makeover with a spoiling facial treatment that will make her skin look fantastic. After you will have completed this stage of the makeover, you will then get to choose some fabulous outfits for Barbie and Ellie to wear on their party night. Once you will have chosen the best outfits for them to wear, complete them with some sparkling accessories. Enjoy playing this exciting facial beauty game called Barbie And Ellie Party Night Prep!.A game related with kizi-784

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