Yepi Friv Kizi Action

Action games

  • Zombie Riot
    Zombie Riot

    Survive from the zombie riot! Gather survivors by saving them from buildings full of zombies! Put your survivors strategically to defend against the zombies\’ attacks.

  • Commando Strike
    Commando Strike

    Your primary mission is to kill the evil sticks and advance to the next level. Your secondary mission is to protect the flag, don't let the enemy take it.

  • Shot Firer
    Shot Firer

    Use TNT to blow up walls & the ground to reach all diamonds. Blow up monsters with timed explosions.

  • PC Defense
    PC Defense

    Defend your PC in this very well balanced turret defense game! Place different devices around the path, upgrade them or use special weapons!

  • S.W.A.T Counter-terrorism
    S.W.A.T  Counter-terrorism

    A SWAT team is an elite tactical unit in various national law enforcement departments. They are trained to perform high risk operations that fall outside of the abilities of regular officers.

  • Lt. Fly vs The Spiders
    Lt. Fly vs The Spiders

    A puzzle game mixed with a shooter. Get bullets from the puzzle game to shoot the spiders.

  • House Of Wolves
    House Of Wolves

    Build, explore and conquer in this awesome real-time strategy game.

  • Whack O' Wheen
    Whack O' Wheen

    Your pumpkin patch is riddled with spooks. Who ya gonna call? No one. This is a Do-It-Yourself job!

  • Last Hero
    Last Hero

    Defend your territory for as long as you can.

  • 2d Army Swat
    2d Army Swat

    Shoot the drunk terrorist's but watch out for them shooting back.

  • Guts 'n Glory
    Guts 'n Glory

    Fight the cartoon characters and continue pushing forward in this sidescrolling action game.

  • War Of Racer
    War Of Racer

    It is the year 2077 A.D. and races have become violent and mean, as normal races no longer entertain the human kind. In this game you are one of the hyper car pilots participating on a death race where everything is allowed and everything is possible. Grab some laserguns, mines and bombs and blow up your competition to finish first!

  • Mechablaster

    Shoot down all enemies and stay alive for as long as possible! Collect icons to get the bonuses!

  • Space Eggs
    Space Eggs

    Shoot the space eggs as they explode into smaller pieces. Don't let them touch you!
  • Rocket Panda
    Rocket Panda

    Fly through Biscuit Worlds shooting everything in your path!

  • Sheep Terminator
    Sheep Terminator

    Your task as a sheep is to prevent sheep from getting back to sheepfold! Kill sheep and upgrade your game level. Try to shoot quicker as there are more sheep in your next level.

  • Cosmic Blast
    Cosmic Blast

    Destroy as many planets as you can.

  • Asteroid War
    Asteroid War

    Evade the enemy gunships as you await rescue and upgrade your constant spaceship lifeboat.

  • X-MEN:Trio Squad Fighting
    X-MEN:Trio Squad Fighting

    Fight the super villains of marvel.

  • Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!: Monkeys Mobilize
    Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!:  Monkeys Mobilize

    To prevent Chiro and the Super Robot from failing his latest attempt to control the Shuggazoom City

  • Reverb

    The first half of the Reverb game. You wake up and have to figure out who you are and what your doing, and you have to figure it out quick, your life depends on it.

  • Just Politics
    Just Politics

    You are the mayor of the city, finally. Embark on a journey for easy money till the top!!

  • Crazy Raccoon
    Crazy Raccoon

    Fly and shoot enemies along the way. Collect bonuses, points, avoid electrical power stations, jumping mines and UFO.

  • Ninja Jack
    Ninja Jack

    Make your way through various challenging levels in search of treasure, grab all the gold and also the keys to open the exit doors and proceed to the next level.