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Celebrity games

  • Little Mix Quiz
    Little Mix Quiz

    How well do you know Little Mix? Put your knowledge to the test in this fun quiz!

  • Obama vs Aliens
    Obama vs Aliens

    People or pandas, the aliens aren\’t getting any on Obama\’s watch!

  • Justin Bieber Fan Room Decoration
    Justin Bieber Fan Room Decoration

    If you are a Justin Bieber fan, then, this is definitely reflected in your room decorating style. Awesome wallpapers, stickers and things that remind you of him must be everywhere. Besides his concerts and shows where you can see him in person, your room is the place where every fan would feel his presence. Decorate this place as you like best and check out all the items available!

  • AOA

    AOA- "short hair" costumes, all kinds of cute uniforms, athletes, flight attendants, waiters, white-collar ...

  • Selena Gomez Date Rush
    Selena Gomez Date Rush

    Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are going to Hawaii for vacation. But when Justin comes to pick Selena up in the morning, she just woke up with no makeup! Please help her complete her makeup before Justin finds out!

  • Lindsay Lohan Celebrity Makeover
    Lindsay Lohan Celebrity Makeover

    This is an makeover game where the star is Lindsay Lohan. She is a favorite among little girls when it comes to fashion. Some girls like to follow her makeup and dresses even when they dressup for Halloween parties.

  • Flying Cyrus
    Flying Cyrus

    Flying Cyrus - Wrecking Ball you must kick Miley Cyrus from stage and launch her as far as possible. Let Miley fly through the crowd of the concert. Use tons of upgrades and bonuses! How far can you toss her?

  • Peppy ' s Elisha Cuthbert Dress Up
    Peppy ' s Elisha Cuthbert Dress Up

    Get our 24 hottie for the red carpet.

  • Make-Up Lady Gaga
    Make-Up Lady Gaga

    Look at these beautiful pictures of Lady Gaga. She is a famous pop star. She is only 23 years old. The stage name Lady Gaga comes from the Queen Song "Radio Ga-Ga" She is well known for her extravagant clothing and her many, mostly, blond wigs. She wrote her nr 1 songs "Just Dance" and "Poker Face". That's quite good. In this game you give her a new hairstyle and a new makeup. After that you dress her up. It's also possible to change the color of the dresses. The next thing is to give her some nice accessories. At the last page you can show your new Lady Gaga in a lot of different backgrounds.

  • Rihanna Real Makeover
    Rihanna Real Makeover

    Rihanna is a Barbadian recording artist and actress. She is a well known icon in the fashion world because of her awesome style and fashion. But today her stylist got sick so you need to take over. Do you have what it takes to give Rihanna a new look for her upcoming concert tonight?

  • Image Disorder Ashley Judd
    Image Disorder Ashley Judd

    Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image. To swap a piece's position, click on the piece, and then the neighboring one. The quicker you are to complete, more score to your account.

  • Mr Bean Skiing Holiday
    Mr Bean Skiing Holiday

    This game is all about mr Bean and his skiing holiday. You have to ski down the slopes and pickup teddy on your way, but remember you have to avoid the rocks and tree stumps that are littered around the slopes.

  • Quiz- Do you know Ariana Grande?
    Quiz- Do you know Ariana Grande?

    How well do you know Ariana Grande from Victorious? Put your knowledge to the test in this Ariana Grande quiz!

  • DM Quiz: Do you know Miranda Cosgrove?
    DM Quiz: Do you know Miranda Cosgrove?

    How well do you know Miranda Cosgrove?

  • Selena Gomez Spa Hair Salon
    Selena Gomez Spa Hair Salon

    Selena Gomez the teen sensation is here in your hair salon to treat her hair as it has lost its shin and healthy glow. She also wants to set a new trend in hairstyles and therefore she needs your help because she thinks that you are the best hairstylist in the town. First you need to wash her hair and condition it before cutting. Then you decide upon the hairstyle that you want to give her. We have got for you a lot of hairstyling tools for different hairstyles. You can make full of all the tools available to get the kind of hairdo you want to give this singing star. Complete her look with matching accessories and outfits that highlight her hairstyle. Have fun!

  • Katy Perry Spa Makeover
    Katy Perry Spa Makeover

    Katy Perry the versatile American celebrity is looking for a new cool makeover this summer. She wants to add more glam to her appeal with a fabulous facial makeover. She sought the help of her friends as where she can get her facial spa done. And she has been suggested that your spa salon is the best place where remarkable facial treatments are given. As she has stepped into your salon where she wants to shed her old look and get a fresh look with a resplendent makeup. So get this exciting facial spa game started and pamper your favorite star with various facial treatments until her face gets glowing skin and remove all the unwanted hair on the eyebrows and back heads by plucking them out. Then don her perfect makeup with matching hairstyle which complements her look. You can also accessorize her with glittery jewels that she stuns every one with her stylish makeover. Therefore do all that it takes to get her a ravishing look. Do your best to please her with spa skills. Have fun!

  • Celebrity Gunslingers
    Celebrity Gunslingers

    Celebrity Gunslingers a super fun celebrity shooting game for your pleasure! You got a rare opportunity to squash some beef against celebrities world wide! In Celebrity Gunslingers the rules are simple. Shoot first and ask questions later! Prove your worth in a single player mode against a nasty computer shooter. Jump into a Multiplayer and challenge your friends or strangers for a duel! Who you gonna wack now? Let\’s go!

  • Obama Guantanamo Escape
    Obama Guantanamo Escape

    Wicked Bush set a trap to Obama and has shut him in Guantánamo Prison. Using a disguise Bush is impersonating Obama as the president of the EEUU to bring chaos to the world. Help Obama escape from Guantanamo and stop Bush evil plans.

  • Gangnam Style Walking Dead
    Gangnam Style Walking Dead

    A strange disease appeared turns infected people into zombies. These zombies attack the people of Gangnam city. Psy with the assistant have mission protected the Gangnam city without zombies in 20 days and night

  • Obama Hellboy
    Obama Hellboy

    The evil Rasputin is planning to open a dimentional portal to set free the 7 'Ogdru Jahad' demons, so they can destroy the Earth. Help Obama stop him.

  • Image Disorder Kate Winslet
    Image Disorder Kate Winslet

    Academy award actress imgaes needs to reorder and see her beauty shine.


    You have to shoot all your enemies appearing in your sight. Green crosshairs mean you can shoot. Red crosshairs mean you are either hit or hiding behind and obstacle. There is automatic reload, but you can press R KEY to reload as well.

  • Mesmerizing Mila Puzzle
    Mesmerizing Mila Puzzle

    Set yourself to task by unfolding the stills of the ever gorgeous Mila Kunis. The puzzle game is all about six stills which are all time bound. Work on each still per level and check how many you could set your hands on.

  • Scarlett Johansson
    Scarlett Johansson

    Scarlett Johansson is one the most beautiful woman in Hollywood right now with a full body and a very lovely lips. She is sure to die for.