Yepi Friv Kizi Horse

Horse games

  • Sweet Winter Pony
    Sweet Winter Pony

    Dress up your pony with your own winter fashion. Unlock new items by playing the challenge! Save and share your creations. Start dressing up your Winter Pony now!

  • My Own Unicorn
    My Own Unicorn

    Dreams come true! Dress up unicorns and make them look as what you wish!

  • Alex's Day of Jockey
    Alex's Day of Jockey

    Alex likes riding horse and she is a successful jockey. She is spending her holidays riding the horses in the farm. Can you makeup and dress up her for a hard day of riding?

  • Fantasy Horse Maker
    Fantasy Horse Maker

    Choose from endless coat patterns and colors to make your own beautiful horse! Add up to 6 horses and arrange them on the background of your choice.

  • Impossible Horse
    Impossible Horse

    Impossible Horse is an annoyingly addictive mini game, where you have to control two horses with well timed taps to see how far into the course you can get. Easy to play, but almost impossible to master!

  • Hidden Rings Horses
    Hidden Rings Horses

    Help horses to find 56 hidden rings, this time you have 500 seconds and each of the pictures contains 7 hidden rings, wrong click adds 1 second to overall time. Good Luck!

  • My Little Pony - Friendship Ball
    My Little Pony - Friendship Ball

    Every year the ponies celebrate their friendship at a magical ball. Choose a scene and decorate it for this magical ball.

  • The Brave Hussar
    The Brave Hussar

    On his perilous journey, aided only by his trusted horse and spear, the brave hussar must overcome the difficult terrain and slay any orcish warriors that tries to stop him.

  • Baby Pony Salon
    Baby Pony Salon

    Do you love pets? If so then you must enjoy playing this baby pony salon game where you have to show your skills to do a cute makeover for our sweet pony. Confused? Treat own as a babysitter and join this salon and start washing, then use drier to make her dry, brush her teeth, message her body and then feed her well to make the pony healthy too. After these are over you need to move on for next session where you have to her dress up. Take a look at the collection and then mix-match the hairstyle, clothes and other accessories to complete baby pony's gorgeous look. Enjoy and have fun girls!

  • Celestia Hidden Stars
    Celestia Hidden Stars

    You have to find the hidden stars in different images of Princess Celestia. Get your best rank and go to the next level.

  • Attack of the Snuggly Bunny
    Attack of the Snuggly Bunny

    They may cuddly and snuggly but they are evil.

  • Horse Games
    Horse Games

    Horse kissing and showing there affections.

  • Flappy rainbow pony
    Flappy rainbow pony

    A little Rainbow Pony is in trouble. You should help him to pass through all obstacles on his way to get home.

  • Pegasus Dress Up
    Pegasus Dress Up

    Choose the look for this beautiful pegasus horse!

  • Sundown Dash
    Sundown Dash

    Kick The Cacti to shoot spines out of them. Avoid fireballs.

  • Pony Love
    Pony Love

    Mary is going to meet her boyfriend James and they will have a nice walk with their pony Cute Star. They are all very excited for today as they will have a great time together! You need to prepare Cute Star and Mary for today. You need to wash, dry and comb the pony so she looks nice and clean. Then dress her up and add some accessories. Once she is ready, you can do Mary's make up and hair, and you should choose a nice outfit for her! When they are both ready, send them to meet James!

  • Horse Ranch
    Horse Ranch

    Run free in the fields and valleys of your ranch. Jenny practices for the upcoming Jockey competition. Join and guide her as she roams the fields, open planes, valleys, mountains and lake sides of Colorado and Texas. Get better by reaching goals, completing challenges\’ and getting achievements along the way.

  • Detective Horse
    Detective Horse

    Horse land was a wonderful place, filled with love and happiness. Since the golden horseshoes disappeared things never stayed the same. All 96 of them were stolen and no one has a clue where can they be. But how\’s that possible at all? Someone has to take things in their own hands and solve the case.

  • Animal Doctors
    Animal Doctors

    Emma lives on a farm in the countryside where she practices as a call service veterinarian. Guide and help her to gather enough medicine and reach the destination running and jumping obstacles with her horse.

  • Gunshot Cowboy
    Gunshot Cowboy

    Ride your horse & shoot baddies all around. Stop time when possible to be more accurate.

  • Racehorse Tycoon
    Racehorse Tycoon

    Pick all the aspects of your race horse and try to continue to come out winning. Bet on horses too!

  • Horse Bet Racing
    Horse Bet Racing

    Horse racing is an equestrian sport that has a long history. Which dates back to the ancient Babylon and Egyptian cultures. This time you can put some virtual currency on it.

  • Dora's Royal Rescue
    Dora's Royal Rescue

    Dora's new quest is in Story Castle, and she needs your child's help to solve riddles and rescue Don Quixote!

  • Pretty Pony Dress Up
    Pretty Pony Dress Up

    Please help Pony to choose her new look from a beautiful selection of her wing, dresses, sunglasses, hair style, necklaces and many more.