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Jewel games

  • Treasure Hunter Game
    Treasure Hunter Game

    On the bottom of the see beautiful treasures are hidden. In old derelicts and in deep chasms you go looking for treasures: magic lamps and old coins, gold bracelets and gems. The fisherman in this game will travel around the world, looking for treasures. Keep him company on his journey and help him collect enough treasures in every level to pass to the next one!

  • Buy High Sell Low
    Buy High Sell Low

    Buy and sell resources to make money.

  • Pep the Dragon Lite
    Pep the Dragon Lite

    Jump, run, and blast your way through unique cartoon worlds filled with danger, treasure and magical spells in this classic platforming adventure!

  • Cinderella Jewel Match
    Cinderella Jewel Match

    Now it is time for a new game in which the main character is Cinderella. This new and fun game that we have for you is a jewel match type of game in which your favorite princess wants you to join her and make some nice jewel pairs together, raising a high score. The game has a number of levels that we invite you to explore , but in order to get to the next levels you need to get a number of points, a target score that you have in each level. The matching is easy, you have to match three of more jewel of the same type and color and you will get points for them. Come and join us in this new and fun online game and spend the time with your favorite Disney princess, princess Cinderella!

  • SpinIn

    The simplest is the hardest! This little puzzle game looks so easy but sometimes you have to push yourself so much to solve! The aim of this game is to take the stone with the blue diamond out! Move the stones with mouse and try to set free the precious stone. Good luck!

  • Break Quadrel
    Break Quadrel

    What does the flash game world need? This one has sexy saxophones which totally makes it awesome.

  • Super Gemget
    Super Gemget

    Grab the gems & avoid baddies in this retro digger. Drop chests on enemies to get hiding gems.

  • Sea Jewels
    Sea Jewels

    Join 3 pieces together first then move as many rows and columns of 3 next to it as they count down.

  • Emerald Beach
    Emerald Beach

    The rules are simple, using your mouse (leaving your other hand free for a coffee!) slide the crane left and right. Press and hold the mouse button down, the crane will dive downwards and pick up a gem. Move the gem above a matching gem and release the button. The gem will fall back down into it\’s new position. Match three or more to smash and collect!

  • Snowy: Treasure Hunter II
    Snowy: Treasure Hunter II

    A game similar to the old Lode Runner game. Collect jewels and gold.

  • The Jewel Chest
    The Jewel Chest

    A classic puzzle jewel game. Swap adjacent jewel to make a set of 3 or More.

  • Three Match
    Three Match

    Are you brain enough to match the jewels? Click on two pieces to swap them. Swaps must create a matching set of three-in-a-row horizontally or vertically. Those pieces will be removed and new pieces will drop down to replace them. The game ends when no more moves are possible.

  • Collision Course
    Collision Course

    A fast paced arcade-style matching game that involves hand-eye coordination and strategy.Click groups of 2 or more identical gems to destroy them. If gems from the left and right collide, you lose a life.

  • Jade Emperor
    Jade Emperor

    Shoot the object into the circling row of jems and objects to make them disappear.

  • Shining Jewels Link 2
    Shining Jewels Link 2

    Crazy pirates are looking for precious jewels. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and so on are their favorite. So many precious stones, crazy pirates begin to collect pretty jewels!

  • Dora Diamond Cave
    Dora Diamond Cave

    Dora is in hot pursuit of a mythical treasure that has been passed down for centuries. Help her finish her mission and escape from the mountain.

  • Frozen Bejeweled
    Frozen Bejeweled

    Join us and play one of the newest online Frozen games. Frozen Bejeweled game was created specifically for you. Group the snowflakes and eliminate them all.

  • Rapunzel Jewel Match
    Rapunzel Jewel Match

    Come and play a new and fun jewel match type of game in which you have as main character one of the Disney princesses that you all love. This new and fun game that we have for you today is with princess Rapunzel and it is a jewel match type of game in which she wants you to come and join her. Here you will have to make different combinations in order to match and eliminate all the jewels that are of three of more of the same type and color and can be paired. You have a target score to gain in order to move further in the levels and also a limited time at your disposal, so try to be as fast as possible. Play this new and fun game and spend time with princess Rapunzel!

  • Diamond Tunnel
    Diamond Tunnel

    Create your own tunnel by draging the mouse and get all the diamond. Click and drag the soil to erase it.

  • Gemstones

    Swapping and gems game with pirate theme.

  • Sofia the First Bejeweled
    Sofia the First Bejeweled

    Help Princess Sofia the First on their mission in this Bejeweled Game. Get together 3 or more equal objects to score points, hurry up! the time is about to finish and their mission wiil fail.

  • Poux

    Click on groups of 2 or more similar jewels!

  • MineCaves

    Slide against walls & pick up the gems. Later levels require specific tools to break threw blocks.

  • Jewelanche 2
    Jewelanche 2

    A mighty and evil magician has turned all the people in the city into gems, and your great mission is to give them back their former appearance. Group the gems into rows, then destroy these rows and release the people from the jewels. Earn money to buy upgrades.