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Love games

  • Geek Magnet
    Geek Magnet

    Dodge the geeks and kiss the hunks.

  • Lovers At A Baseball
    Lovers At A Baseball

    These 2 lovers have are at a baseball game. They love baseball but tend to get distracted from the game by kissing.

  • Diving For Love
    Diving For Love

    Use the sea turtles and starfish to dive deeper and get closer to the beautiful mermaid. Collect pearls along the way, but watch out for the Sea Witch and ink-squirting squid!

  • Tickets 4 Love
    Tickets 4 Love

    Travel around town gathering items to score a date with the girl you have the hots for.

  • Gold Digger CyborgBuffalo
    Gold Digger CyborgBuffalo

    Help Gigi to avoid falling in love and marrying into wealth in this simplistic platformer.

  • Lovers Kiss
    Lovers Kiss

    Select the gender and kiss your lover who will be dressed in different costumes. Find out and kiss your lover among the other people who resemble your lover. attain the kissing target of 100 before the stipulated time gets over. If you kiss the wrong person,you will lose a life. Avoid kissing while other people stare as otherwise you will a life.

  • Cupids Heart 2 Levels Pack
    Cupids Heart 2 Levels Pack

    Help Cupid improve his accuracy shooting formations of ethereal hearts in this tricky archery Arcade game!

  • Succession Boy Friends of Ms. Paris Hilton
    Succession Boy Friends of Ms. Paris Hilton

    Level 1 Paris Hilton ends her loneliness and has started dating Jared Leto. Help out the couple to kiss the other passionately, while riding in a roller-coaster without getting caught. Level 2 In the year of 2003, Paris Hilton started to go out with Deryck Whibley, a Canadian musician. Make Paris Hilton to kiss Deryck Whibley without getting caught. Level 3 This time, Paris Hilton is dating Paris Latsis, a Socialite. On the road, make them to kiss each other without getting caught. Level 4 Everything changes! And now it is Benji Madden. In the press meet, make Paris Hilton to kiss Benji Madden without inviting the photographer\’s attention. Level 5 Paris Hilton dating story continues! This time, it is with the American baseball player, Doug Reinhardt. Near the water fountain, make the couple kiss passionately without being noticed.

  • Where Adabanas Grow
    Where Adabanas Grow

    Get the man of dreams in ancient China.

  • Romantic Dinner Date Makeover
    Romantic Dinner Date Makeover

    Brenda is having dinner with her boyfriend at one of the best restaurant in the city. They are been dating for 2 years and she has the feeling that he might propose to her during the dinner! Could you help her with the makeup and choose the most beautiful dress and accessories for the night? Have fun!

  • Love Chase
    Love Chase

    Last night was the worst day in Chase\’s life: His girlfriend dumped him, his boss fired him and he got hit by lightning. So he decided to move out of town and start a new chapter in his life. He already got a new job, but can you help him find new love?

  • Flirt Danger
    Flirt Danger

    Avoid all bad girls and kiss the good one.

  • Air Pressure
    Air Pressure

    Press the right buttons to reach the best ending.

  • Love Next Door
    Love Next Door

    As a jealous person would say: get off the lawn and get a room.Click on the boy and girl to make them kiss. If someone's watching, the couple will stop kissing. click objects in the scene to shoo them away.

  • Monica the Mannequin
    Monica the Mannequin

    A short visual novel-ish, dating sim game with a mannequin girl named Monica.

  • Lovely Stella Kissing
    Lovely Stella Kissing

    Help Stella from winx club kiss without getting caught. Use mouse and click on boy or girl for them to kiss.

  • Valentine Hearts Remove
    Valentine Hearts Remove

    Remove special Valentine Hearts tiles for chain bonuses!

  • Valentine Love Road
    Valentine Love  Road

    This Valentine, Lylie and Xitua will making a romantic date on the Heart Hall of Valentine City. However before going there she has to over the love road to get to the bus station where Xitua is waiting for her. Let's come on with BowBie to help her find

  • Cupid's Arrows of Love
    Cupid's Arrows of Love

    Cupid needs help! He's overwhelmed with his errands this year, and could use a hand in dishing out the love arrows!

  • Fathers Day Gift
    Fathers Day Gift

    Make your daddy feel really special on his day by surprising him with a cute little tie box filled with lots of love! Play the 'Father's Day Gift' decoration game and learn how to create the perfect gift for your daddy! Put together all your creativity and love for your father and make him the perfect gift! Happy playing!

  • Kitten Love Kiss
    Kitten Love Kiss

    When love is in the air, peace fills the road. Help these cute little kittens to enjoy love by exchanging kisses, without being stared at!

  • Broken Dreams
    Broken Dreams

    Art game about love. Unique story, handdraw art and clever game puzzles.

  • A Date in Italy
    A Date in Italy

    Find your love in the a romantic place called Italy.
  • Christmas Love Tarot
    Christmas Love Tarot

    What will 2010 bring? In this fun game you will discover your future in the year to come using Tarot.