Yepi Friv Kizi Mine

Mine games

  • Shot Firer
    Shot Firer

    Use TNT to blow up walls & the ground to reach all diamonds. Blow up monsters with timed explosions.

  • Independent Miner: Expanded Edition
    Independent Miner: Expanded Edition

    That's enough! From now on you will work only on yourself! Get on your backyard and dig it. Proceed under the ground and choose a direction. Find gems and upgrade your abilities.

  • Dwarf War
    Dwarf War

    Mine for gold and deploy your dwarf army! Defend your gold miners, keep elves and bunnies at bay, and rule the battlefield!

  • Dino Digger
    Dino Digger

    Manny is a crackjack digger. His desire is to find a complete t-rex bones collection, which, he believed, they are in the site. Help him collect the bones and finally met the t-rex himself. Just be careful not to let his battery die or else he'll die too!

  • Get A Little Gold
    Get A Little Gold

    Get A Little Gold is an idle game with very powerful prestige system. Collect gold to buy buildings and upgrades, make researches and complete special challenges to receive valuable rewards.

  • Ezender Keeper
    Ezender Keeper

    You are the guardian of the Ezender's mines, hidden in a mountain that was the great fortress of an ancient and forgotten kingdom. Some fools are looking for something and have awakened you ... Show them they are not welcome here!
  • Sheep Catcher
    Sheep Catcher

    Rescue fuzzy farm animals from the wolf in sheep's clothing!

  • MegaDrill

    Upgrade that MegaDrill and dig down into the earth to salvage the treasures! You have 25 weeks to gather as much money as possible to buy the boat of your dream (maybe?) and go on a well earned vacation!

  • Mine It
    Mine It

    Turn everything on its head and not lose the mined resources. Encounter dangerous traps and difficult caves and at the end you will find a terrible and merciless Dragon.

  • Senso Rabbit
    Senso Rabbit

    Use your rabbit senses to avoid mines as you try to get all the carrots & head back to the platform.

  • Chronicles of Raynor
    Chronicles of Raynor

    Fight your way against waves of attacking soldiers in this action side scroll shooter game. Collect the bullets to reload your weapons, the drugs to restore your health, and be careful of mines.

  • Gold Miner 3
    Gold Miner 3

    Move the mine cart back and forth to sway and grab the gold that is hiding in the ground.

  • Go to Hell
    Go to Hell

    It's your mission to dig 666 meters down to hell. You will encounter fire, boulders, enemies, lava, and even water. Dig holes to avoid being drowned and to kill the enemies. Kill bats and worms by pushing boulders on top of them. Try and collect the 50 coins and eat meat along the way for strength.

  • Reel Gold Miniclip
    Reel Gold Miniclip

    Make your fortune in the Hills, clear your pitch before the time runs out and the Gold Rush begins!

  • Master Miner
    Master Miner

    Are you the Master Miner? Dig your way through 24 clever action puzzles. Collect diamonds, push rocks and avoid or kill evil bats! Take up the challenge, and become the one and only Master Miner!

  • Goldwell

    Safely exploit gold in mines infested by monsters.

  • Gold Miner Cat
    Gold Miner Cat

    Help the cat collect enough gold to reach the next stage.

  • Japan Miner
    Japan Miner

    Launch your mining arm to grab the pieces of gold and reach the money amount for each level.

  • Gold Mine Drive
    Gold Mine Drive

    Hi buddies!!! Check out an exhilarating racing game. Your objective in this game is to help the boy to ride safely in the gold mine and collect all the expensive items on the way without getting hit by other vehicles… Have fun enjoy the game!!!!

  • Necrobot

    You are NecRobot, the Necromancer Robot, on a quest to become human the only way you know how... Looting the graves of the deceased to build yourself a Franken-body! Loot all of the gravestones to win the game and be best NecRobot!

  • Death by Uranium
    Death by Uranium

    This is a puzzle game unlike any other and it is all about dooms day! You mine different elements to gain money in the game. But be careful of the Uranium and its radioactive properties, it may just be enough to kill you.
  • Buggy Run 2
    Buggy Run 2

    Try to get to the end before the time bomb explodes and your buggy 2 is blown to bits!

  • Gold Fishing
    Gold Fishing

    Collect the gold nuggets to clear the round.

  • Dig To China
    Dig To China

    A chunky tile busting mining game. Dig through a billion blocks en route straight to China. Collect resources, buy upgrades, get as deep as you can before the time runs out - repeat.